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Alcudia Valley and the Sierra Madrona

Natural Park catchment area

The Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona Natural Park has superbly conserved ecosystems, making it extremely important in terms of the geological heritage, biodiversity, and landscape of Castilla-La Mancha. Eight local municipalities have joined the Starlight initiative: Almodóvar del Campo, Fuencaliente, Mestanza, Cabezarrubias del Puerto, Hinojosa de Calatrava, Brazatortas, Solana del Pino and San Lorenzo de Calatrava.

A place to enjoy pristine nature. The local forests, home to trees hundreds and even thousands of years old, the richness of its landscapes and the more than 160 bird species inhabiting the area, despite the lack of wetlands, combine to make this natural park one of the most beautiful, best kept secrets in the Iberian Peninsula.


The Natural Park has two distinct landscapes. The first is vast swathes of livestock grazing lands in the Alcudia Valley, with seas of oak trees and pastures stretching as far as the eye can see. In contrast, the second is the mountains to the south, with their rugged relief, ridges and rock formations. This area is the Sierra Madrona (Madrona Mountain range). Rivers and streams wind through these regions, enriching the landscape with the changing colours of their vegetation, and flowing into the larger Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers. The area has a several sites of geological interest, which differ in nature, including gorges, canyons and water gaps, natural waterfalls, seasonal or permanent wetlands, major quartzite rocks and crests, natural escarpments, natural caves, volcanic formations, and remarkable Pleistocene periglacial forms.

Images David Blazquez


After securing status as a “Starlight Tourist Destination” for the Serranía de Cuenca Astronomy Park, a key part of the certification involves scheduling and carrying out astronomical activities. This section will ensure you stay up to date with the latest news.

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